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Helen Touli

Helen Touli

Helen Touli

The Interior Design House (or TIDH London) is a Hertfordshire based London Prestige Award winner design studio and showroom providing a multi-disciplinary design and build service to transform spaces to positive, beautiful environments that enhance well-being, mental health and quality of life, in either a residential or commercial setting.  We pride ourselves in offering a friendly, personal and professional service and go out of our way to make the magic happen. We keep abreast of all new products and trends and incorporate a green and eco ethos in our projects where possible.  

Personal Bio

With a postgraduate diploma in Interior Design, Helen has been qualified for over 10 years and been involved in property for over 30 years - she definitely knows a thing or two about homes.! She works with builders, surveyors and architects and ‘talks their language’, a skill necessary to accurately translate information to clients and from client to contractor!  She LISTENS to her clients and LOVES creating interiors that wow her clients with the unexpected, from the smallest room to a complete renovation and new-build.  With a family of her own, she fully understands the dynamics of ‘family life’ and effortlessly relates to each and every project.

Company Bio

The TIDH London showroom and dynamic design and build studio is conveniently located in the outskirts of North London for easy access to Central London, the Home Counties and beyond. Through ‘forensic questioning’, we fully understand our clients’ needs, tastes and aspirations and translate them to a design as individual as our clients.

 We help our clients with:

  • design and build – a one-stop shop for designing and building

  • spatial designs - ensuring they are maximising spaces for their needs

  • wall and floor finishes

  • soft and hard surfaces

  • architectural features – coving, skirting, doors, stairs, stone

  • lighting and lighting design

  • furniture and soft furnishings

  • kitchens and bathrooms

  • cinema rooms

  • smart home products

  • architectural and other professional services

  • skilled trades professionals

  • bespoke commissions

We are professional and flexible in our approach and work with our clients to a schedule that suits them and their project. We can liaise with our client’s contractor or recommend our own with support teams to bring to fruition their vision. We have  great relationships with many national and international suppliers for procuring fixtures, fittings and furnishings. Our keen eye ensures installations and projects are completed to a perfect finish.

To see how we can shape your home, have a browse of our Instagram and Facebook page @tidhlondon. If you like what you see give us a Follow.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team: sales@tidh.london  020 3912 6312.  

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