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There has never been a better time to protect your home than now. SimpliSafe® delivers advanced security solutions that are easy to choose, set up and use, and put you, your home, and your safety first. Visit the Grand Designs Live security partner, SimpliSafe®, in the Grand House. 

Whole home protection

SimpliSafe has sensors for every room, window and door, HD security cameras for inside and out, smarter ways to detect motion that alert you only when a threat is real and powerful sirens. But there’s more to home security than keeping intruders out, SimpliSafe also has hazard sensors that detect fires, floods, burst pipes and other threats to your home to help prevent costly damage.

Powered by 24/7 professional monitoring

Help when you need it most. Without professional monitoring, if someone enters your home, there's no guarantee the police will be alerted. "Self-monitoring" makes you do all the work. But what if you aren't at home? Or you're home but can't get to the phone?

With SimpliSafe's Pro Premium Professional Monitoring Plan, the police and fire service will be alerted for you when there's trouble and an incident has been visually verified. The Pro Premium Plan includes many other features such as flood and extreme temperature monitoring, cellular connection, unlimited camera recording and more. All for less than £1 a day.

Guard response

A popular feature included in the Pro Premium Plan is unlimited 24/7 guard response. It adds an extra layer of protection knowing that the professional monitoring centre can dispatch one of their guards to ensure the perimeter of the property is secure and actively look for signs of a break-in. 

Home security installed your way

SimpliSafe was designed to work right out of the box with its simple DIY set-up - it takes less than an hour. Just plug in the Base Station, follow the interactive instructions in the app and place sensors on the wall using the self-adhesive on the back. It’s that simple.  

If you want a helping hand, have a pro do it for you with one of our highly trained technicians. From unboxing and placing sensors to setting up Wi-Fi and teaching you how to use your system—we’ll make sure you and your family are protected 24/7. 

Protecting over 4 million people across the US and UK, SimpliSafe’s systems are designed from the start to be effective yet affordable, so home can be safe and secure for everyone. There’s no safe like SimpliSafe.

For more information visit SimpliSafe.co.uk

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