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BWT Perla Silk

BWT Perla Silk

BWT Perla Silk

Company Description:
Since it was founded in 1990, BWT has been dedicated to its vision of perfect water. Today, this passion has enabled us to become Europe’s leading water technology company. Our technical expertise in all areas of water purification makes BWT unique. Our in-house research and development departments, and the expansion of production facilities throughout Europe, have contributed significantly to the progress we have made, with our sights permanently set on achieving maximum safety, hygiene and health in our daily contact with water, the elixir of life. Innovation by BWT For decades, we've had but one goal in our sights: to improve the quality of people's lives wherever water is concerned – and to do so with custom-tailored water treatment solutions that deliver water of the highest quality. We don't restrict ourselves to standardised, of-the-shelf products, rather we're the ones who consistently set new standards in water technology. In keeping with our philosophy of "Feel – taste – see the difference", we offer our customers products with real innovations, such as drinking water with the extra enjoyment and vitality factor, silky-soft Pearl Water as a beauty elixir, or water in its purest form as an essential component of high-tech applications. Feel, taste and see the difference!

Designed for Modern living
The Luxury Water Softeners BWT PERLA Silk Range is smartly designed and impresses with its sleek, sophisticated style. In addition, it is efficient and effective, delivering copious amounts of Luxury water whilst minimising salt and water usage. Also, the compact housing with integrated display is completely sealed against dust to protect the advanced electronics that make the Perla Silk so easy to live with.

Intelligent Predictive Regeneration
Matching actual usage, lifestyle patterns and future demands allows the BWT PERLA Silk to deliver an uninterrupted supply of softened water. Only regenerating when necessary, it optimises the use of water and salt for maximum efficiency and real life running costs, making it the perfect choice to meet the demands of the modern home.

Easy Setup
The simple symbol-based screen allows for straightforward communication in any language. The setup can be completed in just 3 steps – requiring the user to set the time, water-hardness and recharge time.

Peace of Mind from BWT
Independently tested and fully compliant to UK standards, each individual material used in the construction of the PERLA Silk that comes into contact with water, are all BS6920 Certified in the UK and fully compliant with the European norm 14743. The Perla Silk is also supplied with an industry leading 5 year parts and 2 year labour warranty for your added peace of mind.

Power options
The BWT PERLA Silk’s advanced electronics and control system require very little in terms of electricity and is powered as standard by a simple 12-volt plugin transformer for safety and convenience. For installations where there is no electricity or the power supply is likely to be subject to an interruption, the PERLA Silk is available with a choice of three additional power options at a small additional charge:

Option 1.
8 C-CELL DOMESTIC BATTERY SUPPLY* – up to 3 months independent operation without access to mains or battery charging facility (not available for WI-FI models)
Alternative Power Options

Option2.(Available to purchase separately)
BWT UPS (uninterruptable power supply): Protection from power cuts with built in lithium ion battery (capacity for up to 1 months softener use). Recharge loop and power bypass for use with BWT 12-volt power transformer and can be installed and recharged inline with the softener.

Option 3.(Available to purchase separately)
BWT POWER BANK* – will provide 3-6 months of softener use (in normal operation) without the need for a mains power supply. It is rechargeable for multiple use and it is supplied with a mains power charger for recharging offline/away from the softener Battery Pack.

Water Softeners for Smart Homes

So much more than an app – your personal water consultant allows you to manage your Perla Silk directly from your phone. Letting you order salt, arrange a service and even extend your warranty. Choose a smart enabled Luxury Water Softeners BWT PERLA Silk fitted with Wi-Fi and you can even check its performance from your phone, tablet or laptop.

More Models to choose from
There are 8 models in the BWT Perla Silk range suitable for households of up to 10 people. Four with and four without Wi-Fi connectivity. Choose from 10, 15, 20 or 25 litre models

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Website: www.bwt.com


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