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29 APRIL - 7 MAY 2023


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Kiasa UK Ltd

Kiasa UK Ltd

Stand: K920
  • | Grand Build
Kiasa UK Ltd

KIASA heaters are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces that offer businesses and home solutions that can be installed in individual sites or rooms quickly and cheaply (without specialist skills). They can provide instant heat that:

          • Reduces heating times by 50%

          • Reduces energy usage by 30%

          • Eliminates build-up of harmful mould

          • Health benefits to users – improved blood circulation and                    reduces dehydration

          • Easy to use Wi-Fi control system, body motion sensor

Infrared Radiant Technology offers an ideal solution which satisfies the needs of the modern business by creating a heating solution based on radiation rather than convection. Here, objects within a space are heated rather than air which is the current norm of conventional heaters. This avoids the loss of heat through air movement. Our energy-efficient systems use carbon crystal elements which mimic the effect of a gentle sunny day.  



The Forum
31a Bath Lane
United Kingdom
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  • Are you decorating a new nursery? Worried about central heating costs with a new born on the way? 
  • The short answer is yes, infrared heaters are a cost-effective and an efficient way to heat your home. Infrared heating is a better solution to heating your home than traditional convection radiators.
  • Infrared Heater or Convection Heater? Why should you switch to Infrared Heating?  


  • This panel is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to heat your household. It gives instant heat and directly warms you up through IR rays bouncing off objects and walls then onto you. 
  • The Blade Patio Heater is a great addition to our outdoor Range. Giving out sunlight-like warmth, it heats up within seconds. The heat transfer ratio is close to 93% and the bigger projector covers no ...
  • Taking our Infrared Technology one step further- see yourself in one of our newly developed Glass Panels. Our range is available in Black or Frost, and is mountable on to any wall.  
  • Kiasa gives you an innovative and energy saving solution to keep your homes and work spaces comfortably warm for less. Introducing our Classic Infrared Panels with contemporary finish, design and cutt ...
  • Our Infrared Heater Bars have a unique modern structure with a sleek and slim look that will enhance any space. 
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