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Affinity Select Insurance Services Ltd

Affinity Select Insurance Services Ltd

Stand: B258
  • | London
  • | Grand Build
Affinity Select Insurance Services Ltd

JCT Insurance Expert - Your Trusted Advisor for Construction and Building Project Insurance in the UK

JCT Insurance Expert is a specialist Insurance Broker that helps people understand the risks that they face when they undertake a building project. We advise Homeowners, Renovators, Developers, and Building Contractors on all aspects of insuring residential and commercial building work.

JCT Insurance Expert can offer advice on insurance to protect one-off builds, conversions, extensions, rebuilds, grand designs, and the insurance clauses that are found in most major building contracts including JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal), RIBA, CIBSE and NEC.

We help and advise Building Contractors, Architects, Surveyors, and the various specialists involved with a building project as well as Individuals and Property Owners.

We offer Property Owners cover for existing structures (including unoccupied buildings awaiting planning permission), Works, and Party Wall/Non-Negligent cover. For Building Professionals we offer Liability, Contractor All Risks, and Professional Indemnity covers.

We can also help with Construction Bonds and Warranties. Choose from Performance Bonds, NHBC Bonds, Bid Bonds, Retention Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Section 38 & 104 Bonds or Deferred Consideration Bonds.

Uniquely, when you call JCT Insurance Expert, you will always speak directly to a named and trained advisor, who will talk you through the various cover options, so you can make well-informed decisions about the insurance that you choose to buy.

We are a Chartered Insurance Broker and our clients trust and rely on the Independent advice we provide.


Horsted Square
Bellbrook Business Park
East Sussex
TN22 1QG
United Kingdom
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