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Self Build VAT Reclaim

30 Aug 2023

Self Build VAT Reclaim

Self Build VAT Claims Stand: B79

Whether you are building a new home or carry out a conversion let Self Build VAT reclaims produce an accurate and HMRC friendly Claim.

  • We will first check your eligibility to reclaim the VAT on your build so please forward your Planning Consent so that the conditions can be checked.


  • If you are going to carry out the build/conversion with the intent of selling you cannot reclaim the VAT through this scheme.


  • HMRC will only accept claims with original hardcopy invoices, so these are what we need from you.


  • We will check that you are charged the correct VAT rate during your project and inform you of any discrepancies.


  • Prepare your claim in a clearly presented form to minimise any potential problems with HMRC.


  • Preparation of the VAT 431Nb or VAT431C whichever is relevant for your signature and submission.


Ideally, we like to work with our clients throughout the build receiving batches of invoices monthly.  Receiving your paperwork regularly ensures that the claim is always (almost) up-to-date and any queries can be sorted in a timely manner.

Working this way has proven to save clients’ money and enables you to get rid of the paperwork once paid and to concentrate on your build.

Remember if you have any queries just call or email – evenings are better on 01209 860851.

We have twenty years’ experience in producing clients VAT Reclaims so we don’t think there is anything that can be thrown at us that we haven’t dealt with before.

We look forward to working with you on your project.



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