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Charlie Charcoal Oven

01 Oct 2022

Charlie Charcoal Oven

Cheeky Charlie Ovens Stand: G50

Use All Year Round

Cooking outside isn't just for BBQ season. Charlie is weatherproof and designed to work whatever the weather! Unlike top-opening barbecues or ovens, our front-opening design minimises heat loss and the impact of the weather conditions.


45% Less Charcoal

Charlie's sealed design and superior thermal insulation mean it uses 45% less charcoal than an open grill. As a result, one modest load of charcoal will last for around six hours.


Big & Versatile

Charlie has 2.5 times the capacity of a domestic oven! It has nine cooking rack positions to allow many different cooking options. Cook indirectly (away from the fire) or directly (close to the fire). The cooking racks are professional-grade, and each oven comes with two racks as standard.


Built To Last

Crafted from the finest quality stainless steel, and comes with a powder-coated finish in a choice of 8 vibrant colours. Made in Britain, Charlie is weatherproof. So not only is it highly functional, but it also makes a striking outdoor garden design statement.


Easy To Light

Simply build a small, loose pyramid of charcoal over one or two natural fire-lighters. Then, light the fire-lighters, make sure Charlie’s top and bottom air vents are open, shut the door … and leave it. In around 30 minutes, Charlie will be up to temperature.


Easy To Operate

Charlie has only two moving parts, the upper and lower air vent control knobs. These control the airflow and thus the oven temperature. The more air comes through the bottom vent, the charcoal will burn hotter. Easy peasy.


Easy To Control

Once Charlie has reached the temperature you want, simply close down the bottom vent, and the temperature will hold. Or open the bottom vent and add more charcoal if needed to increase it again.


Easy To Install

Charlie sits on four heavy-duty castors, the front two lockable. So, it's not difficult to move around your lovely outdoor space (see safety and handling for guidance in the User Manual).


Easy To Clean

Charlie is very low maintenance. All of the ash falls through into the ash drawer. Once it's cool, simply pull it out and empty it into the bin. The racks are easily cleaned with a wire brush. The exterior can just be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water.



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