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Building Project Insurance

12 May 2024

Building Project Insurance

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You will need special cover for your building project - a home insurance or property owner's policy will not be suitable because you are changing the nature of the property into a building site.

The property owner should purchase a Building Project Insurance policy that covers the existing building and works rather than relying on the building's insurance cover. This is because it places control of the cover, including the ability to make and benefit from any claims, in the hands of the property owner.

The policy should normally be in joint names, to include the contractors that are being used.

If you are doing the work yourself you may need to insure your own tools and equipment and any plant or machinery you hire in against loss or damage. This can be included on a building project insurance policy.

Public Liability Insurance protects your legal responsibility for injuries to the public or damage to their property arising from construction activities. How these risks are insured will depend on how the work is to be undertaken.

If you are using a contractor to carry out the works, then you should carefully check that they have the insurance cover in place and that it is suitable for the work they are doing.  

If you are doing all or some of the work yourself, you will need your own public liability cover for the build. This can be included in your Building Project Cover

You will also need to carefully check the insurance of any subcontractors you use. Bona Fife subcontractors such as Scaffolders, Plumbers and Electricians will normally have their own insurance cover, but labour-only sub-contractors such as bricklayers, roofers and labourers may not. 

If you are employing, or directly paying, any labour-only subcontractors you will need to include Employers Liability cover in your Building Project Insurance policy. You will also need cover if you have friends, family, or other unpaid help on the site. 

Getting a Quote and Choosing an Insurance Provider
Construction projects are unique, and so are their insurance needs. By understanding the different types of coverage available and consulting with a construction insurance broker like JCT Insurance Expert, you can ensure you and your project are well-protected against unforeseen risks.

For a quotation, help or advice call JCT Insurance Expert on 01825 745 410 or email enquiries@jctinsurance.com



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