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Good Results PR are the official PR Agency for Grand Designs Live. They will be sending out regular press releases between now and the show, and it would be great to know more about the brand/products you will be showing, so you can be included. The press releases are distributed to an extensive press database covering trade, specialist press, national newspapers, consumer magazines, influencers and broadcast.

They will be liaising with press on a regular basis on the run up to the show. We encourage you as an exhibitor to share what’s new and exciting, as well as what you will be doing at the show as soon as possible so you can be considered for any relevant press releases about the show.

There are still a number of PR opportunities available during and after the show, as post show releases and product photography will be sent on to the relevant media.

Tell them about your product (especially anything new)

We would like you to tell them about the following:

• Will you be announcing any product launches at the show?
• Will you have any celebrity appearances at your stand during the show?
• Would you be willing to offer a competition prize for the purpose of pre-show promotion?
• Do your products/services/company have an interesting background story to them?

Top Tips for your press releases

Good Results would advise you to include the following:

• General Press Release about the brand/hero product, including images and web link (if relevant)
• Contact details
• Specific releases about new products (outlining details of products, use, specifications etc.)
• They find that branded memory sticks are very popular with journalists, as are smaller non-traditional branded items (e.g. sticky notes etc.)

Would you like to offer a competition prize to be used in various magazines, newspapers and online?

The PR team send out a number of competitions about the show that will appear in a variety of print and online newspapers and magazines. Please get in touch with them if you would like to offer a competition prize.

Submitting your onsite press pack

Deliver your press pack to the Sales and Marketing Lounge/Press Office onsite at Grand Designs Live from 2pm on the day before the show opens. Please ensure they are pre-packaged and ready to be displayed.

Please consider the following for your press pack:

Journalists will ask the press office team about any points of interest at the show. If we know about your new product launches, innovative designs, on-stand entertainment, photo opportunities, availability of key personnel for comment/interview, we can direct them to your stand.

Top Tips for your onsite press pack

• Branded memory sticks are very popular with journalists, as are smaller non-traditional branded items (e.g. sticky notes etc.)
• Bulky or paper-heavy press packs tend not to get picked up as much
• Bags containing press material also do well
• 20 press packs should be enough, but you are advised to check back to the Sales and Marketing Lounge/Press Office to see if more are needed, throughout the show.

Are there any key dates/ time periods to send over press releases/content by?

Good Results need the information you have about new products ASAP, the sooner the better.

If you send over information 1 week before the show, most of the releases will have gone out and we may not be able to include your brand in any pre-show press material.

With physical press packs/promotional items we will require these to be delivered to the Press Office on site, this can be done on the day before opening, from 2pm, or on the morning of show opening if needed.

How to get in contact

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information: 
Company Name
Main Contact Name
Phone Number


PLEASE NOTE – All information submitted is objectively reviewed and we cannot guarantee that your story/image/product will be used.


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