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Case Study: Kingston Sealed Rod Project

Case Study: Kingston Sealed Rod Project

Leverint Lighting Stand: L110
Case Study: Kingston Sealed Rod Project
Ornate ribbed twist and dewy luminosity, our Kingston wows in this luxurious renovation


A luxurious family build project based in Wakefield gave our Leverint team the opportunity to create a central lighting showpiece for a modern kitchen island. 

Partnering up with fabulous interior designer Jessica May Designs, the Leverint team co-created and tailored a kitchen lighting fixture loaded with style, elegant finesse and salient luminosity for the downstairs open space. 

The final interior design has been shortlisted for the residential market value 1.5 million award in the International and Architecture Awards 2023.



With the initial process the design team took into consideration the implemented neutral palette and contemporary design elements of the proposed environment. We liaised with Jessica and her team, deciding on on a central lighting feature that could complement and draw focus to the centrality of the open plan space. 

The modern Kingston Sealed Rod Pendant Shade (featured above) posed the ideal light to incorporate into a linear rod cluster, due to its refined, ribbed glass bodice and soft, luminescent glow. 

Next we moved onto creating a linear arrangement that smoothly integrated into the kitchen design at hand, matching both the dimensions of the space and aligning symmetrically with the kitchen island beneath. With the aid of 3D models and renders passed between ours and Jessica’s team we were able to finalise on pendant shades, spacing between drops and a customised hand plated specialist brushed gold finish for the fixed rod. 

With previous lighting projects benefiting from an invisible style canopy, the designers incorporated a seamless arrangement in which the fixed rods glided expertly through the ceiling. This bespoke feature provided a fresh new take on the overall design, lending to a contemporary, clean aesthetic. 

Altering the design to fit the confirmed kitchen island, we expanded on the notion of a grander scale lighting feature. Presenting a 9 way linear rod cluster, the expansion allowing for drama and style, without compromising on space. 

After the final concept was reached, it was shared with all the interested parties ensuring transparency ahead of the crafting process and allowing for any further amendments to the lighting proposal. 



Leverint’s London workshop is renowned for incorporating design and glassblowing under one roof and this project took on a similar methodical trajectory. With the go-ahead confirmed, the design team disclosed client specifications to our production team – specifying nine Kingston sealed rod pendant shadeson a linear fixed rod installation. 

Once blown and sculptured, our skilled artisans assembled and wired the pendants on a series of fixed rods, completing the mount in a specialist brushed brass finish.

Intricately tested and approved by the technician team, the feature was then ready to be installed above the client’s brand new kitchen island.



Upon completion our 9 Way Kingston Rod Cluster presented as a phenomenal central showpiece, eye-catching, ambient and loaded with sophistication. Fusing bold modern finishes with contemporary execution this custom-build design complemented Jessica May Design’s beautifully curated interior for a seamless kitchen island lighting finish.  

Subtle yet iconic, the final concept manifested lovely relaxed luminescence in this open plan family focused space, the perfect fit for such a striking home. 


“This installation takes my breath away every time. This space as a whole and the island underneath this lighting feature is so large, that when designing we needed something with enough scale to balance everything out and ground the kitchen island in the expanse of the room, but we also wanted an absolute showstopper, something to demand your eye as soon as you entered the space. We co-designed this completely bespoke installation to graduate in height perfectly with the incredible team leverintlighting who’s service and product are just unmatched. ” - Jessica May Designs



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