lifxlogoIntroducing LIFX, the first light bulb built to to be almost as versatile as your imagination.

With Wi-Fi built in, the LIFX Color 1000 allows you to connect to your network and pick from one or more of the 16 million colors available. Not in the mood for color, the bulb also has thousands of shades of whites at your disposal from bright pure white all the way to a warming glow.

With LIFX, it’s your light. Any color, any time. Create your space the way you want.

Perfect lighting can be mixed intuitively on the spot or designed ahead of time all with the free LIFX app (available on iOS, Android & Windows 10).

All you need is one bulb. The rest is up to you.



LIFX is an international manufactuerer of the brightest Wi-Fi Connected, multi-color LED light bulbs. The light bulb reinvented.


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