Amanda Neilson

amandaneilsonA consultation with Amanda can bring a fresh approach to your project with new ideas and creative solutions to your forthcoming project whether a refurbishment, extension or new build.


Amanda started her career in Fashion Buying for various High Street retailers and made the transition from dressing people to dressing the home and says that there are many similarities between the two industries as designing a room is like putting an outfit together.  Amanda is described as being 'a safe pair of hands' taking care and consideration of the clients' needs to achieve the desired results for their homes.  Amanda is married with two teenage children and is currently learning Italian so she can speak to the locals in Puglia, where she is building a family holiday home set in a field of olive trees.

amandaneilsonheadshot.pngAmanda Neilson Interiors:

Founded in 2009 by Amanda Neilson, Amanda Neilson Interiors has a friendly and inspiring approach offering clients a practical and personal service when their project is underway.  She looks at the 'bones' of the property first to make sure it is sound before embarking on a refurbishment and she has a strong network of construction professionals who she works with.  Experience has shown that every project is unique, like the clients themselves and so offers a unique approach with a flexible way of working from a 2 hour consultation to a complete design service tailored to the needs of the client and the nature of the project.


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