Inspired by Game of Thrones

 amandaneilsonThe Designer:

Amanda started here career in Fashion Buying and made the transition from fashion for people to fashion for the home and says that there are many similarities in the industry as designing a room is like putting an outfit together.

amandaneilsonheadshot.pngAmanda Neilson Interiors:

Founded in 2009 by Amanda Neilson, Amanda Neilson Interiors has intentionally remained small and friendly, offering clients a practical and personal service when their project is underway.  Projects are residential and commercial from kitchens and bathrooms to complete house renovations and warehouse style offices.  Clients are introduced through business networking or by personal recommendation and some clients have been working with them for several years. They look at the 'bones' of the property first to make sure it is sound before embarking on a refurbishment and they have a strong network of construction professionals who they work with.  They have found that every project is unique, like the clients themselves and so they offer a unique approach with a flexible way of working ranging from an hour's consultation to a complete design service tailored to the needs of the client and the nature of the project.


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