Tirmizi Design Exclusive Offers!

Welcome to Tirmizi Multifunctional Design - a team of extremely talented British furniture designers dedicated to bringing you the most luxurious, innovative and space saving design solutions for your homes. All Tirmizi designs are multifunctional, allowing you to make the very most of your living areas, without compromising on the spaces within.

Tirmizi Multifunctional Design are pleased to present you with their latest patented designs:

- The Farrago (CPD Unit) - Carrom, Poker and Dining Table
- The Olio (FSC Unit) - Folding, Stacking Chair
- The Pasticcio (CST Unit) - Chair, Stool and Table

Tirmizi Multifunctional Design are pleased to bring you the following EXCLUSIVE EVENT ONLY offers:

• 20% OFF Everything purchased ONLY at this event
• 10% OFF your first order upon registration with Tirmizi Design and the chance to win an iPad Mini.
• Free Professional Poker and Carrom Set with Every Farrago Table purchased