LED’s have been common place in our lives for some time now, but LED domestic lighting has somewhat lagged behind. Now, LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp technology has improved vastly and there are some amazing products offering excellent light levels and unbelievable energy saving.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 4 reasons why LED lighting outshines its alternatives and leaves the other conventional lighting technologies left in the dark.


1. How much does LED really save?

By using LED lamps, you can start saving money and energy immediately. Simply replace your existing energy-guzzling lamp with a low energy LED equivalent. Typically, your modern domestic kitchen light fitting uses 50w halogen spot lamps. If you were to run those five spot lamps for eight hours a day, seven days a week, for an entire year, it would cost £95.37.

If you replaced those halogen lamps with tp24 LEDs, it would reduce that bill down to just £4.77 (based on 13.1p/kwh). That’s a saving of £90.60 in just one room!


2. LED light bulbs have a longer life span

LED technology has an average lamp life of an impressive up 20,000 hours or more!
An average CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamp) lamp life is approximately 10,000 hours, and incandescent light bulbs only light for about 1,000 hours.

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3. LED lighting is flexible in colour and design

LED bulbs and fittings can be created in various shapes and designs in order to deliver efficiency and aesthetic appeal for your residential illumination. A well-designed LED illumination system can achieve some amazing lighting effects with many options for changing the configuration of the fittings, which will not only delight the eye but also enhance the mood and the ambience of its environment.


4. LED’s shine light on a greener future

LED light bulbs release considerably less CO2, sulfur oxide and nuclear waste. Taking into consideration the increasing threats of global warming and the effects of CO2 emissions on our planet and personal health, it goes without saying that LED bulbs are by far the greenest lighting solution so far.


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