Improve your home with skylights

How skylights can benefit your home

Skylights are one of the most popular window styles to add to new and existing homes in the UK alone. While skylights are aesthetically pleasing, provide stunning views and add extra value to your home, they can also help homeowners save energy and save money. When installed correctly, skylights play a huge part in providing your home with natural light, increasing heat circulation and help with ventilation and air circulation – all of which can help reduce artificial light and temperature control costs. Tom Hewkin, Produce Development Engineer at Roofmaker, a UK leading provider of skylights, is here to explain some of the benefits and what you should consider before installing...

Which skylight is right for you?

Skylights can be a financial beneficial and an eco-friendly addition to your home. However, before making the decision to install skylights, it’s a good idea to look at which type is right for your home. While most homeowners will install skylights to help with natural light and ventilation, it’s important to consider energy ratings and where you position them. You should also look at the type of glazing available, the shape of your skylight and who will be installing them. All these factors may be unique to your home but they are vitally important for ensuring your skylights are as energy efficient as possible.

Skylights provide maximum natural light 

It should come as no surprise that skylights are a hugely effective way to bring more natural light into your home. In fact, skylights provide up to 3 times more natural light than standard windows. An increase in natural light will mean there is less need for artificial lighting, especially during the summer months, saving you money on your electric bills. Make the most of your energy-saving potential by getting the sizing and positioning of your skylight right. For example, if you position your skylight on a north facing roof, you will get pretty consistent light. East facing roofs will get maximum light in the morning and skylights on the west will provide more light in the afternoon. Size also determines the illumination level of your skylight, so it’s important to consider a skylight that’s appropriately sized to your room roofmaker blog web

Skylights and natural heating

When skylights are installed correctly, their positioning and reflective capabilities can provide effective heating. Again, it’s a question of position. If you want to make the most of natural sunlight heating, then south-facing skylights provide the greatest chance of passive solar heat gain. This heat gain is especially useful during the colder winter months and can help reduce your heating bills. However, though solar heat gain is useful in the winter, it may be unwanted during the summer. You can therefore install skylights that use insulated glazing, heat absorbing tints and other glazing technologies to reduce solar heat gain. The latest skylight technology also allows you to install mirrored reflectors, adjacent to your skylight, which still provide the natural light without the unwanted heat.

Skylights and healthy ventilation

Allowing natural air and ventilation in your home could help you save money on air conditioning units – fresh air flow is also healthier. Ventilating skylights open outwardly at the bottom and help release hot air that naturally accumulates near the ceiling. The small vent ensures a limited amount of fresh air is passed into your home providing better air circulation. This is also useful for preventing common damp problems as well without the need for using high-energy dehumidifier units.

The positive effect of skylights

Installing skylights can have a hugely positive effect on your home. However, it’s important to take the time to consider what you want to achieve with your skylights, and have them professionally installed. As well as the increase of natural light and air circulation, skylights can add value to your home and help to cut energy bills considerably. When installed, skylights can help you take control of what light and heat comes in and out of your home and reduces the need for electrical reliance. See Roofmaker at Grand Designs Live London 2017 on stand B294