Dark night comes in to the home

For the last few years, white and lighter shades have been all the rage, but now we’re seeing somewhat of a backlash. Things have been turned on their head and all of a sudden, dark colours are hot stuff. In the worlds of fashion and interior design, the mystery and luxury of black has come into its own, with the colour able to elevate even the smallest spaces to a higher level.

Dark colours can evoke conflicting emotions: on the one hand there’s something gloomy about them, but on the other hand they exude luxury and class. This is true in every area of our lives, yet the idea of really going to town with colours like black, Bordeaux or deep green still strikes fear into the hearts of many. Now it turns out that this fear is unjustified.


 A dark colour scheme helps to create a warm setting, and by adding cosy lighting you are sculpting the perfect mood for a winter evening. What’s more, dark shades can actually have a space-enhancing effect, blurring the edges of a room and thus creating an illusion of endlessness; the opposite of the diminishing effect they are often billed as having!

But what shall be the dark, alluring base to your scheme? Try Quick-Step’s Castello Wenge hardwood for a powerful black hue that adds character and temperament to a space. Alternatively, choose something a little more grandiose such as the new Massimo collection with its extra-long, extra-wide planks. You could even turn to Quick-Step’s practical laminate range, Impressive Burned Planks - inspired by Japanese architecture - the perfect partner when planning your Dark Night room.

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