Top Tips for the Perfect House

Step 1: Agree that change is required – tick!

Some less than willing partners are quite happy thank you very much with the status quo of the peeling paint, larders on the landing, skewiff toilet seat and clothing deposits in front of every overstuffed cupboard. 


Step 2: Visit Grand Designs Live – tick!

Enough said.


Step 3: Go home and get excited

So far so good.


Step 4: Start decluttering

Make decisions about your stuff and work out how to reduce it to a level so that when your dream home plan is finished, you have curated your belongings to fit it just right. It will take longer than you think so start as soon as you can. I haven’t met an architect, designer or builder yet who has been delighted that their stunning home renovation projects turn into cluttered nightmares when all that stuff starts spilling over the granite worktops, pushing the whispering drawer closures off their hinges and making sure that the gloss white doors never quite close properly.

I have also never met an interiors photographer who hasn’t had to shove stuff into washing machines and ovens and strategically hide items from view to get that fabulous look for the magazines. And then it all comes tumbling out again. 


Step 5: Don’t declutter alone

Chances are you haven’t started decluttering because just the thought of sorting though all that stuff is overwhelming. The longer we hold on to things, the more they weigh us down. Savvy people attending Grand Designs Live have been booking half hour slots with the Ask An Expert decluttering team from the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers. 


We can give you tips on the decluttering process -

What to keep
What to gift
What to sell and not sell
What to donate
What should be destroyed
What could be duplicated
Or just discarded.

You can find a declutterer in your area on the apdo website or come and chat with me at Ask An Expert 6-8 May. Sarah Macnaught -

I get it sorted!