Transform House Plants Into Art

Gardens filled with plants and flowers have always been vital for our existence and wellbeing. No more so than now when our environment becomes ever more urban or as some would see it like “a concrete jungle”. Not surprisingly a green revolution is taking place as city dwellers attempt to claw back something of a rural idyll. Hence the growing popularity of roof gardens and increasingly fashionable ‘living’ walls.

The benefits of roof gardens are well publicised: plants help absorb carbon dioxide, they reduce dust levels, they help local eco-systems, they attract and sustain wildlife, absorb moisture and are natural coolants – the list of positives is endless.

Today it’s not just greenery on the outside that is becoming popular – bringing the outside in is the new big thing, in fact indoor greenery is undergoing something of a renaissance.

If you think that involves your average pot plant – then think again. House plants have become so much more sophisticated and that’s not simply on account of the ever-growing choice of exotic flora and fauna that can be grown indoors. Simply look around at the huge variety of decorative vessels, containers, and planters let alone terrariums, sort of mini-greenhouses in which to grow miniature gardens.

Surely though the ultimate in chic is when plants become art? Imagine a beautiful painting of luscious foliage – but it doesn’t have to be a still-life even more exciting is when it becomes a form of living art. That’s exactly what Urban LivePicture does. This innovative new product has been cleverly designed to bring the garden into your home and hang on your wall all year round just like a painting.

It’s ingeniously simple. Carefully selected plants are placed in individual growing pockets contained within a vertical cassette format. The ‘canvas’ is then assembled into a smart decorative frame, which incorporates a clever watering system - so you can go away on holiday and not worry about your plants drying up. Aside from the easy maintenance, it takes up zero floor or shelf space.

Available in a choice of frame colours and sizes, Urban LivePicture works in any room from sitting room to bathroom. There are four different planting schemes available to choose from, offering variety and interest in terms of texture, colour and leaf formation. Simply hang on your wall, sit back, breathe in the benefits and enjoy watching your garden art grow.