Tips on Setting the Kitchen Budget

The budget for a kitchen is often determined by the cost of building works and structural alterations – which in turn are often ‘unknowns’ at the stage where you may be looking around at kitchens.

A classic ‘chicken and egg’ scenario! Building cost can often runaway so it’s important to lock down the quote as tightly as possible.

Furthermore avoid expensive building details that may hoover up your kitchen budget and don’t give you a good return in terms of investment and enjoyment going forward.

Strike the best balance possible between a great building and a great interior fit out. If everything goes into the building and the kitchen budget is diminished the end result is likely to be disappointing.

We suggest a typical Tomas kitchen with appliances, countertops and all the kit would be around 28-33k including VAT. A ‘dry fit’ would be (depending on location and size) in the region of 2,000 inc VAT. To allow room for manoeuvre allow 30-35k for a Tomas kitchen when setting up your budget.