Creating the Extra Room You Need in Your Garden

A simpler and less stressful alternative to moving house or building an extension is to create the extra room you need in your garden. With far less restrictions than their might be in your home, a garden room really does provide a blank canvas, while modern materials and underfloor heating mean that it will last for decades and be toasty in winter.

How will you use it?

Whether you want another bedroom, a space which inspires you to write or paint, a place to entertain by the pool or a ‘den’ for noisy teenagers, think about exactly how the space is going to be used. A good company should make the job of turning your vision into reality a pleasure, while making some practical suggestions along the way.


A comprehensive site visit will be needed before any planning starts, however, garden rooms can be constructed pretty much anywhere, if necessary, they can be built on site. The one restricting factor can be access to sewers – assuming you want a loo – as fitting a new septic tank or sewage treatment system can easily cost £5,000. Think about where the room’s windows will be as they will provide the perfect opportunity to frame a view you particularly love.

A standard or bespoke space?

It is obviously cheaper to choose a standard-sized room, such as a Garden Hideout Pod or Shepherd Hut, rather than a tailor-made alternative. But if you want a larger, bespoke space, Garden Hideouts can easily create an ‘Arca’ room which is 10m x 5m (33ft x 16ft), for example.

Empty or fully furnished?

Garden Hideouts offers a unique interior design service. We can build an empty room and leave you to furnish it, or our in-house design team can listen to what you want and do everything for you - letting you walk straight in and enjoy it. If you want a steam room, a particular sound system or a fully stocked bar – that is exactly what your new garden room will have – right down to your favourite single malt...