Moving From Grey To Green

There has been a definitive move in modern architecture from grey to green. With many architectural designs now being focused upon increasing energy efficiency, optimising the building footprint and introducing nature into urban landscapes, ‘green roofs’ are becoming an increasingly popular element.

Popular in both commercial and residential properties (companies as large as Facebook now have a green roof on their Menlo Park headquarters), their installation is no longer dependant on the size of the building.


Although green roofs have been in existence for many years, their use in both modern and existing architecture has experienced a significant surge of interest and installation. Many countries have now introduced new legislation designed to add green roofing technology to open roof spaces and as such, the increased popularity is almost certain to continue.



Introducing the M-Tray®


M-Tray® is the user-friendly way to install green roofs. Sedum and wildflower plants have been pre-installed into these easy to handle, specially designed trays to provide an instant garden for flat roofs, terraces and structural decks.

20160630 110835

Instead of overlooking an ugly felt single storey extension, they provide the opportunity to create a natural setting filled with flowering plants.


bee and yellow flower

The 4 Main Benefits of the M-Tray® Green Roofing System

compressed wildflower Copy

Amongst some of the many benefits offered by the installation of a green roof, perhaps the most important is the isolating effect. A new installation can help reduce the amount of energy needed to cool a building in summer. By absorbing the sun’s energy rather than simply reflecting it back into the atmosphere, green roofs can help cool whole cities if installed in sufficient numbers.

daisy cropped

Below we have identified 4 other important benefits offered by green roofing modules and the M-Tray® in particular.


Benefit No. 1:

The plants are fully established and mature, so once in place it is an instant green roof. The plastic trays contain all the necessary sustenance, filtration and drainage components so the plants will survive long-term.

DSC 0008

Benefit No. 2:

IMG 1779

The M-Tray® modules are clean and easy to handle. Green roof construction is often a very messy affair, but with everything contained within the tray, nothing spills out, meaning the least disruption possible. A module can be carried by hand easily and can even be walked through buildings for retro-fit projects. The membrane beneath the green roof is also protected from loose particles.

installing modules on roof 1

Benefit No. 3:


The green roof is future-proofed. If the structure beneath the vegetation ever needs to be inspected, one or more trays can be taken up without major issue; in contrast to roll-out roofs where many tonnes of loose substrate have to be dug out. If any of the plants die back or if the planting scheme is changed, the trays can be lifted and replaced quickly and easily.

installing one module

Benefit No. 4:

installing single tray

M-Tray® brings nature and wildlife to urban environments. The plants are designed to attract insects and birds, will absorb rainwater run-off and bring less pressure on drainage systems and will also absorb dust particles and pollution from the atmosphere. They also soften hard surfaces and reduce ambient temperature.


For more information relating to the M-Tray® please visit Wallbarn at stand B460 during Grand Designs UK.