Landscaping advice to accompany a Modernist style build

Q: Do you have any landscaping advice for a garden that will accompany a new Modernist style build that we’ve just completed?


A: Often, I see people designing a garden on a plan that shows the house as a simple block on the site. I think this is a mistake. Detailing the full ground floor and interior layout of the house will allow you to connect the interior space with its surroundings.

If you consider the footprint of your house at this early stage, your garden design will seem more fluid and coherent. For example, a footpath could be perfectly aligned with an internal route from the house; a tree might be positioned so that it is framed by the living-room window, or you could design a seating area to flow seamlessly from indoors to out.

The most important consideration when designing a garden for a Modernist-style house is to pay attention to the geometry of the building. Modernist homes are often very angular, and you really need to work with this. The proportions, lines, circulation routes and views are integral factors to take into account when you link the internal layout of your house with the garden.

Your landscape architect or garden designer must fully understand the floorplan of your home and the way you and your family live. Modernist architecture is all about simple, clean lines and your garden needs to blend with the design of your home. The websites of both the British Association of Landscape Industries (0247669 0333; and the Society of Garden Designers (01989 566 695; have search facilities to help you find the right practitioner for your project.