Transforming a home office

Q: I'm setting up my own business and I'd like to make my home office space work harder. Do you have any tips for how I can transform it?


A: My favourite part of my house is my office as it allows me to do the job I love from the comfort of my own home. It is a room that feels much more personal than a standard office desk miles from my front door. There are a few very simple things that make even the smallest home office perform better.

My number one priority is to have a desk with a view. I'm writing this piece from my studio, where I have a small table that looks out onto the garden. Being able to sit back and take in some inspiring scenery will help you work more dynamically.

The next priority is to organise your desk so that everything is close at hand. The key to this is to have a mix of clever integrated storage for the things you don't need all the time and open shelving for things you need to use regularly. There are so many brilliant and affordable storage solutions on the market that there is no excuse for having a cluttered workspace.

Finally, your home office should include lots of objects or photographs that remind you whyyou work so hard. This can act as a personal gallery that celebrates what you've achieved in life and gives you something to strive for. Remember – your home office isn't just a place to think and work, it's also a place to live.

This excerpt was taken from Grand Designs Magazine click here to see the latest offers.