Garden Hideouts at Grand Designs Live

Garden Hideouts, the outdoor space specialists, who create garden rooms for work, play or leisure have seen a new trend emerging among clients who want integrated interior design. Chris Hill, Garden Hideouts’ MD, says, ‘More people are realising that there is no reason why a garden room cannot be just as beautifully designed as any room in their house. We have our own in-house interior design team, so a client doesn’t need to brief a separate company on the look and feel they want to create.’

Even the smallest details can be left to the Garden Hideouts team, allowing the client to walk in and start enjoying their new room immediately. That appeals to clients wanting everything from a room from which they can run their business to a hotel that wants extra bedrooms. The market for creating garden rooms – be it a pool room with a bar, a tranquil place to work or a gardener’s retreat – grew last year by more than 20%* and an increasingly large slice of that is made up by spaces which are fitted out and furnished to a standard which might surprise some people. ‘Until recently, many people wouldn’t consider suggesting that their mother moves into a ‘room in the garden’ but once they see how luxurious and large the spaces we create can be – and how a meticulously decorated bedroom, ensuite bathroom, dressing area and living space can all be designed exactly to their own taste, they are almost tempted to move in themselves!’

Considering the design of a garden room at the same time as its interior has enabled Garden Hideouts to be particularly creative. For example, the design of a bespoke play room incorporates ideas such as a mini built-in ‘play house’ with a window and door – which children can use as a ‘shop’ or ‘house’. A safe play area and a mini stage have also been brought to life with bold shapes and bright colours. ‘Whether we are designing a play room, a treatment room or a combined office and gym, when the design of the structure fuses with the design of the interior, the result is always more successful,’ says Chris Hill.