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Valton Brown

Valton Brown

Valton Brown

Company name: Cudot Architecture Ltd

Cudot is the result of years of experience in seeking out answers to difficult problems and emerging patterns during consultations with businesses and homeowners. It is this observation and experience that is the inspiration behind the name Cudot which is shorthand for a question (Q.).

Advises on: Modern Methods of Construction | General Architecture | Inclusive Design |

Company description: 

01. Research and Development
As a business, answering challenging questions or developing new solutions is a valuable and intrinsic part of Cudot. By sharing their breadth of technical knowledge and conceptual design, they work with other businesses to develop their latest build technologies.

02. Technical Support
They are a Chartered Architectural Practice therefore, Cudot has a strong grasp of technical processes from planning to construction drawings. With this skill set, Cudot supports property developers and build organisations across the UK in completing their projects. This has included flats, homes and even churches.

03. Extensions and Re-modelling
Whilst this is a standard service for most architectural practices, they approach extensions and re-modelling as a design response to a holistic evaluation of the space. This can mean retrofitting the materials to enhance energy efficiency, adding new structures for improved flexibility and flow of spaces and allowing the existing building to inform the design process.

04. Sustainable Builds
Using alternative construction methods such as cross-laminated timber (CLT), ICF, and container conversions, Cudot works with its strategic partners to bring designs into reality. Across their projects, Cudot considers the balance between Art, Science and Technology of a design. Meaning that every build has a keen consideration of the external ecosystem, the people who will be using the building and the type of build construction used.

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Email address: info@cudot.co.uk

Website: www.cudot.co.uk




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