Heather Matuozzo WEBClouds End is a company that works with people who have trouble with their stuff. This can range from people facing eviction due to excess belongings to people facing a grumpy partner due to a disorganised kitchen ....
Clouds End understands the very nature of stuff – why we buy it, why we love it and why we have such difficulty getting on top of it.
Clouds End offers a hands on service to all of the above. We work in the home creating solutions that will help clients with their present problem but will also help them longer term. Motto –find the fun.

Heather Matuozzo started Clouds End in 2009. She has worked with many clients helping create working solutions that save them from the brink of clutter chaos.
She has been the specialist consultant on BBC 1’s Britain’s Biggest Hoarders series 1 and 2 and often talks on the radio. She has developed a humour based approach to helping clients deal with their stuff by showing them how to ‘know the enemy’. We all have strange relationships with our belongings that often we don’t see, and Heather helps the client understand those. Making it fun to do and keeping them laughing as they go.

The Secret Power of Clutter – know your enemy!

Why is such a simple task as clearing the loft so hard?
It is due to the secret power of clutter. Meet the enemy. Heather Matuozzo teaches you how to understand it and consequently how to conquer it in a strategic domestic warfare plan that is fun and very do-able.

Company Name: Clouds End CIC
Email Address: help@cloudsend.org.uk
Website: www.cloudsend.org.uk
Telephone: 0121 680 5287

 Heather Clouds End CIC

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