Airflow 1Legislation for new build properties is understandably helping to make sure that homes are as airtight as possible to maximise energy efficiency and minimise the property’s carbon footprint. However, it is important to consider that airtight homes hold in more than just the heat, as Robert Dennis, Product Marketing Executive at Airflow Developments explains.

Airtight homes offer excellent energy efficiency levels resulting in cost savings for homeowners. However, despite the benefits, it is important to consider the associated health risks and ensure that the correct steps are taken to protect the quality of air within the home.

For example, over 15 million homes in the UK are affected by a condition known as Toxic Home Syndrome – where a person’s health declines as a result of poor indoor air quality caused by pollutants. Indoor air contains as many as 900 air contaminants – ranging from pollen and dust to chemicals used in cleaning products. And with people spending on average 90% of their time indoors, it is vital to protect against such health hazards. This means the need for effective ventilation has never been greater.

For a whole house solution, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems should be considered during the planning stages of a new build home or refurbishment project.

Units take stale air from inside the home and extract energy from it via a heat exchanger. This process can recover over 90% heat energy that would typically be lost as part of the ventilation process and can reduce yearly heating bills by over £350. The energy is then used to pre-warm clean healthy air that is continually being brought in from outside, and then filtered and circulated around the home.

In addition, new innovations are allowing homeowners greater control over their indoor air quality and comfort levels. At Airflow, our Internet-capable Adroit MVHR range uses smart controls to provide a user friendly and intuitive whole house ventilation solution that can be used to monitor and control indoor air environments via smartphone, tablet or PC.

This allows homeowners to program the units according to their personal routines and preferences to maximise energy efficiency. Furthermore, the Adroit range is also able to bypass its heat exchanger when required, to ensure the air being circulated around the home during the warmer summer months remains ambient – avoiding the issue of overheating.

Finally, with consumers becoming more energy aware, and with an estimated 41% of UK homeowners currently having some form of connected technology installed in their home, choosing systems that are capable of providing real-time monitoring and control of ventilation in the design stages of a new build is an important specification.

Airflow has the widest range of Passive House approved MVHR systems in the UK. For more information on Airflow’s extensive range of ventilation solutions, visit Stand K320 at Grand Designs Live at NEC Birmingham from 19th-23rd October. Alternatively, visit or follow @airflowD

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