Bamboo GazeboA taste of paradise in your own home, we have been importing these gazebos for over 15 years now all the original ones are still being used and enjoyed, but the product was discovered in quite a unique way we have as a company been importing furniture from our factory in the Philippines for over 20 years. In fact a similar version to our gazebo would be the sort of structure which you may rent to relax  on a beach in the Philippines, but the thing which may seem strange is it is more suited for the Great British climate than the tropics. In fact in the Philippines they will regularly hose the roof in order for it to last longer. The roof is in fact a type of water reed and it needs water to survive and keep in tip top condition.

Over a nice cold beer on an extremely hot day when the gazebos all around me are being hosed down you realise that the uk climate maybe perfect for this product. Then you the realise the strength of the bamboo which is not a wood at all and in fact is a member of the grass family and it does not rot like a wooden structure, it is naturally fire retardant and further more is as eco friendly as you can get. Unlike wood which needs to be replanted and managed correctly bamboo grows at such a phenomenal rate that it needs cutting down and controlling or it may encroach on villages.

Of course there have been a few changes over the years in order to make the product more suited to use for all year in the uk we have thought it wise to add a 2kw infa red heater for those chilly evenings and waterproof blinds on all sides to keep out the good old fashion British weather, a strong wind will always make you feel colder than it is. We also add waterproof seat pads and cushions and free uk delivery and installation.

We also offer a show special price of only £4999 which is £1000 off our RRP and includes Heater blinds table seat pads cushions delivery and installation. So why not get your own taste of paradise to enjoy all year round in the comfort of your own home.

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