blade blackVeito have been developing quality products since 1979 and launched its first Carbon Infrared Heater in 2007 a revolution in indoor and outdoor heating.

Veito heaters are now sold worldwide they are stylish and modern with a choice of colors, and styles including portable or wall mounted, all models come with adjustable heat controls so the heat can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Veito heaters are made using the latest carbon fiber technology. They allow you to heat zones and individuals. By using zone heating this allows you to heat the people or area that you want which helps you save money on your heating bills.

Veito Carbon Infrared Heaters are made using the latest carbon infrared technology and start heat within seconds of being switched on unlike conventional heaters that waste energy heating the air before heating people and the room.

Veito offer a choice of Portable and Wall Mounted heaters, from 1.2KW, 1.8KW, 2.0KW, and 2.5KW, some heaters can be used indoors and outdoors. All Veito heaters temperatures can be adjusted by dial or remote control to create a pleasant ambient heat, some models also come with adjustable temperature climate control.

Veito in Antarctica (South Pole) – The Coldest Place on Earth 

Veito are proud sponsors providing heating to the White Desert Camp ( in Antarctica (South Pole):

“Operating in one of the most extreme wildernesses on earth is not easy. Yet the Veito heaters that have been installed in all White Desert's pods worked seamlessly. With just a touch of a remote, the heaters produced wonderful radiant heat that kept our clients warm and cozy, even when a storm was raging outside. Out there, heat really matters and I can thoroughly recommend the Veito line to anyone looking for an effective heating solution, no matter where they are based.”

- Patrick Woodhead, Managing Director of White Desert Camp

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Veito - Stand G8

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