5 frogsSince their first container arrived in the UK just a couple of years ago Pangea Sculptures has gone from strength to strength. July 2016 saw the opening of a brand new showroom in Lancashire followed by a visit from over thirty official dignitaries who arrived by vintage bus to see the animal sculptures for themselves! Liz Savage, Mayor of West Lancashire, had obviously been spreading the word to her colleagues about the opening ceremony which she had kindly conducted and it was fantastic to welcome them all to the showroom and give them an insight in to the Pangea story.

Local residents have been delighted to visit the showroom and see the realistic animal sculptures on display, purchasing family groups of giraffes, bands of musical frogs and deciding where they can place the popular crocodiles in their gardens. The next container of animals is set to arrive in the UK at the end of September and further additions to the range are being planned with the artisan craftsmen who produce the sculptures in Africa. The level of detail that goes in to the animal sculptures has to be seen to be believed and they have attracted lots of attention from visitors to exhibitions and shows across the UK this year as well as press and radio coverage.

As people’s thoughts start to turn to the festive season they are ordering the beautiful stag sculptures to double up as reindeer in their decorative schemes, although every week sees Pangea also transporting rhino, buffalo, elephant and horse sculptures to locations far and wide. Each month sees a special promotional offer on a particular animal in the run up to Christmas and the showroom will be open until 7pm on Thursdays starting on December 1st. Pick up a copy of the Pangea Post at the showroom for all of the latest news, browse the catalogue, chat with our friendly team and choose the perfect animal to welcome in to your home.

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