GB SOLGB-Sol is a UK manufacturer of solar photovoltaic panels and has been producing them since they created the very first solar roof for the “Oxford Eco House” which celebrated its 20th anniversary earlier this year.

Since then GB-Sol have produced numerous bespoke eco solutions to provide efficient, cost effective and importantly, aesthetic solutions for individually designed properties; as well as for the more enlightened housing developer who are now incorporating the systems into their designs.
The regularly accepted image of solar panels is of a retrofitted systems sitting above the roof tiles but by incorporating them into the roof itself the system can fit flush and save on roofing materials.

The roof is not an exclusive location for PV arrays though and panels have been integrated into glazing, as facades, to provide architectural features and even for the glazed roof of a domestic greenhouse.

GB-Sol’s systems are very efficient and working with the Low Carbon Institute, Cardiff University and other partners, they have helped the creation of the ‘Solcer Eco House’ which was launched and reported recently in the media and on national television. Using GB-Sol transparent panels to also allow sun penetration the house can now generate 175 units of energy for every 100 units the property requires.

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