RWH Lightbox LimitedWeather patterns are changing and the UK is likely to suffer more drought and flood situations. Combined with population growth and demand we need to be looking for sustainable water solutions. Rainwater can be used for any non-potable application including toilets,washing machines and outside use which can save up to 50% on mains supply. It makes sense to collect water from the roof and then use it locally rather than pumping it from miles away to simply be flushed down the toilet.

RainWater Harvesting Ltd announce the launch of their new product RainActiv , which combines the benefits of rainwater harvesting with controlled attenuation. RainActiv is designed to collect water from the standard gutters and downpipe, filter and store in an underground tank. Some of the volume can be used for rainwater harvesting but any excess will be released at a controlled rate back into the mains drainage system. This will prevent localised flooding but more importantly as the system is not overloaded it will help alleviate flooding further down stream. Another clever idea that has been incorporated is that during excessively wet conditions the water will be retained within the tank until the flood threat subsides. Thinking inside the box.

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