Norbuild Eco Houses webThe timber frame element of our houses, made with Scandinavian sourced wood from managed forests, and factory manufactured by low carbon-emission methods, well exceed current UK building regulation requirements and feature high insulation and energy saving and eco benefits.

Our timber frames use C24 standard timbers compared to a UK usual maximum of C16.

Windows are triple-glazed and both external and internal walls are all highly insulated and well above UK standards.

Our completed houses have a SAP rating of 95+ (UK average 50-60), an environmental rating of 90+ (UK average 60) and an air pressure test heat loss of 0.6 (UK average 10). Our houses meet Code 5-6 requirements (Code 6 is a ‘passive’ house).

Our standard features include a ventilation heat recovery system which recycles and circulates used heat throughout the house. Optional extras can include an air or ground- sourced heat pump, rainwater collection/grey water re-use and a biotech sewerage system, all of which economise on the use and cost of power and water.

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