EcoComfort webEcoComfort provides comprehensive services in order to build passive and energy efficient houses. High quality building materials deliver supreme air tightness and superb thermal insulation reducing CO2 footprint and cutting energy bills by 90%. In fact our innovative passive (air heated) foundation slab, most efficient triple glazed windows with U=0,5W/hK and combination of structural technologies allowed us to design and introduce for the first time in the UK – ENERGY FREE HOMES.

Prefabricating process along with carefully selected materials and excellent workmanship provide outstanding QUALITY and allow us to build a weatherproof house in just 3 days.

Our offer is dedicated to self builders who are seeking to build their dream home and small contractors who require individual approach and bespoke solutions.

EcoComfort can deliver as little as shell only or as much as turnkey project equipped with newest technologies, custom made kitchens, bathrooms and more. We understand that every design, every house should meet different requirements and
demands, therefore we are focused on delivering bespoke solution to every project.

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