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Smarter Kit 23By merging intelligence with distinctive design, Nanoleaf’s smart lighting solutions transform mere illumination into ​*personalized*​ experiences that are Smarter by Design.

Imagine controlling all of the lights in your home, just by saying a few simple words. The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit is one of the very first lighting systems to work with Siri voice commands. Just say “Siri, turn on my lights” and presto, it’s done. Easily add in customized scenes like ‘date night’ to instantly set the perfect mood.

Raising the industry standards on smart lighting design, the Smarter Kit’s stunning shape and incredible intelligence make it an art statement, conversation piece and home customization tool all in one.

Compatible with other popular smart bulbs (including Phillips Hue, GE Wink, Osram Lightify) in the emerging IoT space, the Nanoleaf Smarter Kit is a future-proof product that marks the beginning of the lighting revolution.

Website: www.nanoleaf.me

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