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airy 250AIRY designs, develops and sells a patented Flower-Pot-System, which cleans in-door air from pollutants.

AIRY is a unique air cleaning system, which utilizes the bio-power of indoor plants.

AIRY contributes to your health. Polluted air in our living and working environments makes us sick – caused by construction materials, furniture, office supply or other things which contain dangerous substances, which evaporate into the air over time. The result may be various effects of poisening – known as the „Sick-Building-Effect“. The only effective remedy are plants.

A plant in an AIRY pot is much more powerful than in an ordinary pot – up to 8 times more effective! "

RRP: £59

Availability of product? December 2015

150608 airy Logo CS5Company Name: AIRY GreenTech GmbH
Postal Address: Elbchaussee 43, D-22765 Hamburg
Email Address: post@airy.de
Website: http://www.airy.de/en/
Telephone: 0049 151 12 21 26 06


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