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PULPOP 03Our mission is to promote fun design product ideas for customers seeking relevant and honest solutions to enrich their everyday lives. We carry a wide range of innovative and original products ranging from interior decorative, tableware, stationary, electronics and accessories.
"Environmentally and design conscious. Other than its unique donut shape, this USB rechargeable MP3 speaker is made of recycled pulp. It is ultra light despite its look and size. The sound is amplified by the vibration inside the hollow space of the speaker. After a series of trial and error processes, this speaker was born with unexpected potency of sound volumn and quality.

Speaker system: Mono
Amplifier output: 5 watt R.M.S.
Input: 3.5mm earphone plug
Voltage input: USB 5V 0.5A
Rechargeable battery: 3.7V / 600MA"
The hollow ring is made from eco-friendly paper pulp paste that's molded under high temperature and high pressure. Paper density, temperature control, and even the craftsmanship of those involved in the manual side of each unit's creation can all have an influence on the finished piece. Something that's not mentioned in the specs but is an obvious bonus is that the outer shell will also be biodegradable, although the small amount of internal electronics will need to stripped out before disposal.

Product dimensions L/W/H 10.2 x 11.6 x 2.4"
Availibilty: In stock

Company Name: Molla Space, Inc.
Email Address: info@mollaspace.com
Website: http://mollaspace.com
Telephone: 626-301-9900

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