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VEK 1201G VEK 1501G VEK 1701G Vektra Vacuum Electric Kettle GREENWith over 70 years in the housewares market, I Grunwerg Ltd prides itself on developing new and innovative ranges to suit a growing audience. With premium brands such as Global Knives, Vektra Eco Kettles, and Commichef, we're passionate about top quality products that will find a home in any kitchen.

Vektra is the only kettle that can keep your water piping hot for 4 hours from just one boil. Using vacuum insulation as you would find in a flask, the Vektra uses a low energy element to heat your water and then keep it hot enough to make a cup of tea or coffee for the next four hours, without you having to even go near the 'on' switch. This means you get more cups of tea per boil than a standard kettle, representing a big saving on your energy bills.
The outer body stays cool to the touch, making it ideal for households with young children, and the safe, lever controlled, non-drip spout means it can move around the house (or garden) with you for a constant supply of hot drinks.

The Vektra Eco kettle works to save you money, time and energy. What's not to like?


If you replace your normal kettle with a Vektra, you could be conserving as much as 30% of electricity, without having to take a hit on your tea or coffee consumption! Compared to a standard 3kw kettle, the largest Vektra (1.7litres) only uses 2.2kw of energy, so there's an energy saving even on the first use. However, because the Vektra will keep the water inside hot, at over 68 degrees for up to four hours after it is boiled, it means you don't have to turn it on for your second, third or even fourth hot drink, which represents a massive reduction in energy consumption.

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Company Name: I Grunwerg Ltd
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Website: www.vektra.co.uk
Telephone: 0114 2756700

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