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Malgosia BenhamMood is a UK based lighting design consultancy with a refreshing and realistic approach; bringing experience, enthusiasm and creative innovation to every project we undertake. We design lighting schemes for residential, commercial and architectural application, including private, retail and corporate sectors, hotels, restaurants, public spaces and entertainment venues.

Malgosia is a multi-disciplinary designer working in residential, commercial & architectural lighting and visual design where she focuses on the use of light within various scales of the built environment.  Malgosia attended Central St Martin’s School of Art and has collaborated with various lighting projects from residential interiors to larger venues.  She is involved with public art commissions and actively exhibits her work at Cambridge e-Luminate Festivals. Her work considers subtle and sympathetic ways to reveal spaces through simplicity, elegance and timeless design.

We can help you develop a Kitchen Lighting scheme that will add function, ambience and style to your room whilst blending seamlessly with your kitchen design concept.


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