expert-diy-200x200The DIY School provides a range of DIY and Building skills courses to the General Public, Corporate Customers, Councils and Housing Associations.

The DIY School was formed in 2006, to provide a range of courses to enable men and women who have little or no experience in construction or DIY to learn a comprehensive range of constructions skills that are useful, current and in demand at work or on a home project.

The DIY School has taught thousands of people, each with their own personal reasons for learning new skills including:-

Adding value to their homes.
Saving on repair bills.
New means of income.
Improve employment options.
Youth vocational work experience.
Learn new skills with their family.
Prepare for apprenticeships.
Move into property development.

The DIY School courses assume that everybody is a beginner yet even those people who have some experience are amazed at the amount they learn with their training techniques, helping them to improve existing skills whilst learning new ones and removing bad habits! The DIY School only teach you skills that are in demand in the private and domestic construction or home improvement market and that they consider will be reasonable for you to learn to a high standard in just 4 days. Their courses have enabled many people to set up new and successful business as a result of their approach.Their courses are paced to optimise the individuals ability to learn. Moving at a steady pace, their courses are set just right to ensure that you are able to take on the new information, practice and apply it without being overwhelmed or daunted, rushed or put off. It is their aim that you will leave each day on a positive note of achievement returning each day refreshed, positive and optimistic.

Speaker: Simon Bessell
Simon has taught DIY skills to thousands of people, since he started the DIY School. His background in property renovation has given him a vast knowledge of different skills that people either have never been taught, or are keen to learn. Knowing what its like to take on a home renovation project means that he can talk to people in similar situations and guide them through the miriad of building jargon and myths! He started renovating properties out of necessity, as he was fed up with shoddy work on his own home from the people he hired. After giving up his job and working for two years alongside his best friend who was a seasoned builder, he learnt that its not all cups of tea and bacon butties, but some pretty hard graft! He started up his own business in property renovation, but wanted to raise the bar in terms of quality and service to the customer. His work was always being recommended and people kept asking, ""how do you do this"" and ""how do you do that"". It was this that led ultimately to the idea of teaching people how to do their own DIY to a high standard. Now he teaches and runs, which after 8 years has become the UK's favorite place to go to learn new DIY and building skills."

Company Name: The DIY School
Postal Address: Pear Mill, Stockport Road West, Stockport, Cheshire, SK6 2BP
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