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river cottageThe Grand Gardens main feature at Grand Designs Live Birmingham will this year be an exciting collaboration between the Grand Designs Garden Designer of the year, Marc O'Neill and the gardening team at River Cottage HQ.

The River Cottage Seasonal Garden will show visitors what an abundance of produce is available in October, and will also allow visitors to taste and sample some of the amazing producers from in and around the Midlands, and some of the produce made at River Cottage HQ. October is the time for new batch honey, making preserves, fresh English apples and pears, as well as a host of roots, pulses and veg that come into season in this bountiful time of the year. With Garden Design tips from this year’s competition winner, and with a taste of River Cottage HQ, both will be demonstrating how you can achieve great results with produce in your own garden space.

Our resident Garden Expert at Grand Designs Live is James Alexander Sinclair, and he is delighted to see this collaboration take place. James will discuss the Seasonal Garden and share some of the tips from River Cottage HQ.

Dont' miss James Alexander Sinclair and Mark Diacano on Sunday 11th October at the Grand Theatre at 14:30 discussing gardening dilemmas!

There is also a Cobhouse designed by Adela Webb, which is designed to encourage wildlife of all shapes ad sizes back into your garden. It is a natural building for wildlife to inhabit, made from recycled materials.river cottage2

Animal architecture is always minimal and constructed with the most readily available materials best suited to its it's builders skills and needs. In a similar way the ethos of this garden is to build not to many small dwellings, but a dwelling that can be constructed using found materials by a family that will ultimately observe it. The Cobhouse creates a space for the local wildlife but also an engaging and educational place for children to play and learn.

Thanks to suppliers of the Cobhouse:

Hortus Loci Ltd
Hound Green
RG27 8LQ
Office Tel: 01189 326 495
Fax: 01189 326 532
Barcham Trees Plc
Eye Hill Drove, Ely,
Cambridgeshire CB7 5XF
Tel: 01353 720950
Mobile: 07738 457 705
North Hill Nurseries
Scotts Grove Road
GU24 8DW
Tel: 01276 858800 or 01276 817445

Braeside Gardens

Sandhurst Berkshire

Tel : 07763160036

Thanks to Bell's Farm Shop for the providing the vegetable display.

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