As we are encouraged to have more and more energy efficient homes, should we consider triple rather than double-glazing?  Does that extra pane of glass really make much of a difference?

The answer is yes! Though triple glazing may be more expensive to buy, it has overwhelming benefits in terms of increased warmth, comfort, security - and you can even enjoy lower heating bills! 


More energy efficient than double-glazing
Rooflights and patio doors without triple glazing are still a major source of heat loss in most homes. The energy efficiency of glazing is measured in U values (W/m2k) with the lower the value the better. As you can see from this heat loss comparison chart, the thermal efficiency of triple glazing by far exceeds the rest. Single glazing has the highest U values of 5.1, modern ‘A-rated’ double-glazing is generally 1.2, and Roof Maker’s triple glazing is down to 0.5, making it a great way to reduce heat loss and your heating bills.


No more cold patches!
If the thermal efficiency of your insulated walls (which generally have a U value of 0.3 in most houses) is significantly better than your glazing, this can create cold spots round the windows, causing draughts and condensation.  The good news is that this can be prevented with triple glazing, as it has similar lower U values to most insulated walls so that the surfaces are equally warm.

Enjoy larger glazed areas without energy loss
Triple glazing is even more important if you want to have large areas of glass in your home.  For instance, if you have a room with floor to ceiling bi-folding doors and possibly one of two large roof lights, triple glazing will significantly improving comfort levels on colder days and nights.


Helps prevent overheating in the summer
The heat of the midday sun beating down on double-glazing can quickly increase the room temperature often making it too hot for comfort.  This isn’t a problem with triple glazing, because its extra cavity and pane of glass actually reduces the level of solar heat gain from the outside.  So, not only will triple glazing keep you warmer in the winter - it will also keep you cooler in the summer!

Keeps your home secure
Triple glazed units have an extra pane of toughened glass, which means they are much less likely to break.  When combined with a secure locking system, windows and patio doors with triple glazing will give you greater peace of mind.  

Helps keep out the noise
If you live near to a busy road or on the flight path, you’ll appreciate the acoustic benefits of triple glazing, which will help cut down unwanted noise from outside.

Additional features
In addition to these benefits, Roof Maker’s triple glazing has some other special ‘must have’ features:-

  •  Easy clean glass, which helps keep your windows free from dirt and grime.


  •  Sun-Tint ‘smart’ glass, which automatically self-tints to reduce the glare and heat when the sun is bright and then returns to transparency when the sun goes in.


All things considered, we believe that triple glazing is something you can’t afford NOT to have.  
That is why at Roof Maker, Low E argon gas filled triple glazing comes as standard on all of our roof windows and patio doors!
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