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Invite your family and friends; open up and keep it light! Sharing great British Summers together with fun, laughter and play sound good to you? Well meet Maxlight; we’re masters of making things easy, friendly and fun. We’d like to show you how…

Quirky, fun and friendly

Ever wondered why architectural glazing is fast becoming everyone’s friend? We’d like to say it is because of our natural creativity and charming playfulness; however, that’s only part of the story. Homeowners are unique individuals with their own quirks, sense of fun and meaningful relationships. Architects, and the Maxlight team, know that homes reflect the personalities of their occupants. Our involvement is to help you to build your dream.


Playful and innovative

Walk-on glass. Glass balustrades. Roof lights. Magnificent, supersized width doors. These are just a few of the exciting architectural glazing solutions that welcome an abundance of natural light into your home. In fact, Maxlight has more amazing products than you could ever imagine. That’s because we are designing and manufacturing in London and installing bespoke masterpieces nationwide, every day. How cool is that!


Keeping it light

Easy, fast and friendly is the way we like it at Maxlight. All of the hard work has already been done by our technical experts, at our UK manufacturing centre. Opening up your home to more light, quickly and efficiently means that the celebrations can begin!

So what are you waiting for? Make your plans and get those invitations ready for next Summer! We believe we’ll be free that day…

To discover more about Maxlight visit our website ( or call us today on: 020 8896 0700.


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