Transcending function! William Holland explains why Copper has liberated bathing from the realm of necessity to a future world of experiential luxury and escape. 

In today’s post austerity climate, the concept of luxury has undergone some dramatic ideological shifts. Challenging notions of value; materialism, exclusivity and wealth are no longer the sole defining aspects of a luxurious existence. As with still waters…luxury has become a much deeper affair.

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Clients increasingly require attainable luxury, two words that previously were each other’s semantic antithesis. Luxury and rarity are now separate ideological entities, and social exclusivity is no longer the fundamental ethos of the luxury mind-set. Rather it is a desire for quality, a backlash against intense consumerism, mass production and genericism. It is a desire for products made with passion, talent and dedication, creating an unrivalled quality of experience and use.

The creation of William Holland copper baths, undoubtedly a high end product has turned an item of function into an item of artistry. Aesthetically stunning and experientially exquisite, they are fundamentally about comfort and elegance. No longer purely utilitarian, William Holland baths create a moment in time, an escape from the rigorous pressures of daily life beyond the boundaries of normal routine. They take a necessity and transform it into a pleasure.

As life’s demands increase, so does luxury’s association with investment in time and space. Time in the perfection of master craftsman skills, time in manufacture and production, and the creation of time for oneself through the products purpose. Each individual piece takes up to 120 hours to lovingly create. The perfect partnership between innovation and respect for craft traditions, each bath is hand finished in the UK to each client’s individual specifications, meaning every William Holland bath is a unique piece of artistry. With over fifteen years’ experience William Holland have developed an unrivalled international reputation as the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of copper baths, basins and bath ware, and as such, are constantly striving to innovate and expand the boundaries of design.

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Surprisingly light at 45kg, amazingly conductive and produced from 78% recycled sources, William Holland’s pure copper and brass baths surpass their cast iron and original copper counterparts in both renovation versatility, heat, economy and material sustainability. No longer restricted by technical logistics or questions of efficiency and environmental responsibility, the rise of copper baths and bath ware, has permitted pure luxury by design to reign supreme.

William Holland copper baths embody the future relationship of luxury and value by combining the luxury of time and the luxury of quality, with a luxurious experience, in one perfectly unique product.

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