Vorwerk surveys Brits with surprising results

As one of the leading global household appliance manufacturers, we recently surveyed UK homeowners to discover the nation’s cleaning habits and it’s safe to say we were surprised by some of the results. For example, did you know those few hours a week spent cleaning add up to approximately one and a half years of our lives?

We found that on average we spend more than six days every year vacuuming, dusting and mopping. Now, we don’t know about you but we think that’s certainly too long!

We were also shocked to discover that a quarter of the people surveyed had never cleaned their mattress, despite studies showing they can contain 10 million dust mites! (See what Alice Beer has to say on the matter when she demonstrated on ITV’s This Morning just how effective the Vorwerk Kobold is at removing bed bugs, dead skin cells and bacteria!)

At Vorwerk we’ve taken this research on board and used it to help create our most efficient and effective vacuum cleaner ever – the Ultimate Homecare System known as the Kobold VK200. The multi-functional, hi-tech upright vacuum cleaner is designed to carry out a range of time-saving cleaning tasks using a variety of snap-on attachments.

The Kobold VK200 with EB400 automatic electric brush attachment

Making cleaning easier and quicker

The VK200 not only combines intuitive use with a timeless design, it has been specifically developed with a focus on providing the deepest clean. The five interchangeable attachments ensure the VK200 can tackle all kinds of floors, including carpet, tiles and hardwood as well as soft furnishings and even mattresses – say goodbye to dust mites forever!

The PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush is ideal for bringing your soft furnishings back to life. The handy attachment rotates up to 4,000 times a minute loosening dust and dirt particles from the fabric and sucks them away into the VK200’s three in one filter bag, perfect for allergy sufferers.

PB440 child

A world first

We know there’s nothing quite like the feeling of having a wonderfully clean floor and also how quickly it can go from gleaming to not so much, which is why one of the most impressive attachments for the VK200 has to be the SP530 DuoClean head. The SP530 is a world first that allows you to mop and vacuum hard floors simultaneously. Two suction channels work to collect large dirt particles and wipe away stubborn marks at the same time – a lifesaver if you’re short on time.

15pc of the people we spoke to vacuum their home every day, a third vacuum two to six times per week and a further third vacuum once per week but as a nation we don’t seem to be cleaning our mattresses. A mattress can actually be a major trigger for asthma and dust allergy sufferers, often harbouring dust mites, mould spores and micro particles, which is why Vorwerk have specifically developed the MP440 & MR440 mattress cleaning set. These clever attachments – when used with the Lavenia cleaning powder – rapidly vibrates dead skin, dirt particles and dust mite droppings to the surface using hundreds of rubber strips and sucks them out of harm’s way.

Dr Thomas Rodemann, Chief Executive at Vorwerk Elektrowerke and the man behind the VK200 said: “The way people clean their homes is changing, and as technology becomes more advanced, people need appliances that save time whilst continuing to do a great job.

The VK200 design remains modern and highly practical, but doesn’t follow trends as it will stay in use for years to come thanks to its excellent durability and our ‘built to last’ ethos.”

The Kobold VK200 retails from £749 through to £1,499, if you’d like more information about the vacuum cleaner please visit www.kobold.vorwerk.co.uk/home.

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