Introducing - Silverpoint 1 & 2

In the good old days, you’d run into some major logistical challenges if you wanted to listen to your music collection in any room of your house. You could either move your whole sound system around from room to room, set up an intricate mess of speaker cable spider webs, or empty your bank account buying a home install system.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce to you the Silverpoint 1 & 2; Wireless Multi-Room, Hi-Fi speaker systems with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HD Audio and TV Connectivity.

Come and visit us at stand L370 to witness their capabilities first hand.

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Silverpoint is Bayan audio’s exciting new premier Multi-room sound system. it is possible to stream HD audio from the internet, your mobile phone or tablet and even local network storage. You can also connect more locally via analogue auxiliary, digital optical, and high quality advanced Bluetooth. Silverpoint is also a certified Spotify connect speaker, enabling the speaker to connect directly to Spotify to play your favourite songs. unlike some other multi-room systems, Silverpoint is not “locked in”; the speakers can be used with any allplay enabled speakers you may already have.

Silverpoint is best enjoyed when accompanied by the partner ioS and android app, StreamQ. StreamQ is a simple way to rename and group together speakers; it’s the best way to create room-based sound systems. StreamQ also acts as your portable jukebox with controls for selecting songs from almost any source (music on your phone and tablet, online, on a local naS drive, etc.).

Wireless speakers and audio devices that use the Qualcomm® allplayTM smart media platform can work together seamlessly regardless of product brand – this means that the Silverpoint speakers can work seamlessly with speakers from many other manufacturers, all on the same network, all talking to each other.

The Silverpoint range contains both the Sp1 and Sp2 speakers. Sp1 is perfect for a bookshelf, don’t however, expect a small sound from this speaker – the Sp1 can easily fill a room. it’s small size also caters well to owning multiple pairs of Sp1 speakers – they can be spread about a larger space or multiple rooms to create a beautiful bed of sound while entertaining guests.

Sp2 is the bigger brother of the range, it’s larger both in size and sound. We took inspiration from professional grade reference speakers when designing the sound of Sp2. this means sonic accuracy is at the centre of the design, there are no cheap tricks to make your music sound better – they play back exactly what the artist wants you to hear. the larger sound also makes Sp2 excellent for use with a TV via the digital optical port.

Silverpoint is best suited to someone who appreciates high quality sound. You do not need any prior experience with Multi-room systems to be able to set up the system; Silverpoint is ideal for a newcomer to high- tech speakers. For those with an extensive library of digital music, or for those who prefer to stream via Spotify, Silverpoint is perfect.

Stand L370 at Grand Designs 2016 NEC

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