Regardless of how large or small your family is, the rule is that they will always grow to fill the amount of space you have in the home. Whether it's equipment for sports or hobbies, children's' toys, electronics, bicycles or nik-naks and ornaments, there are very few families who would say that they couldn't do with a little more room!

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There is a very easy way to achieve this, however and it involves turning over a small section of your garden to a single, stand-alone and self-contained garden room. For those with young children, the 'Room of Requirement' as featured in the Harry Potter series may be familiar – it's a space that is exceptionally versatile and can be well put to use for any purpose, similar to the kind of versatility you may need from your garden room.

By designing a room which is applicable and available for any purpose, it becomes an invaluable space to be used by everyone at home. For a few basic features, such as a kitchenette and en suite, you gain a space which can literally serve the home for any of its needs.

For those who work at home, the home office in the garden is an excellent way to maintain the discipline of working at the office while avoiding the distractions of the home. For those with young children, having an external playroom prevents the house from being overrun with the toys, games, books and crayons that come with keeping children engaged and entertained.

For those with older children, it's a great place to run as a homework club, somewhere where they can work without taking up the dining table or being distracted by video games or televisions in bedrooms. After school and at weekends, they can use it to have friends over, allowing them a little independence but still keeping them at home.

It's possible to hold small parties or movie nights in your garden room, making it quite the event. You could even use your outdoor space as the focal point for a barbecue, with extra food, drink and music held in the garden room.

For those with young adults, it can be a living accommodation during holidays when returning from University, or alternatively, a small, self-contained living space once they've graduated, so that they don't have to move back into a teenage room which may now be occupied by a younger sibling.

In terms of living space, the ability to put up family and friends from longer way away will be very helpful instead of meaning that hotels must be arranged and paid for. For those who are comfortable with such things, the 'sharing economy' and popularity of websites that allow paying guests to stay in the home could provide a small, extra income.

Quite simply, whether you're after a little bit of extra space, a function room, a retreat from the stresses of family life or the ability to accommodate extra guests, paying or not, a multi-purpose garden room could be one of the greatest additions to family life.

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