5 frogsPangea Sculptures, direct from African artisans, can transform your outside space, provide a unique feature and add a point of interest to your decorative scheme.

About Pangea Sculptures

Pangea was started by Ian Unsworth after a trip to Africa in 2014. He saw the sculptures being sold at the side of the road, got to know the craftsmen who were producing them and before long he had shipped his first container to the UK where the animals sold out within weeks. There are now over 30 artists designing and making the sculptures and supporting their village.

Handmade sculptures with green credentials

Every sculpture sold by Pangea has been made entirely by hand from recycled metals that are repurposed in to these stunning and lifelike animal pieces. The craftsmen that produce the exclusive designs are able to support their community through their training and employment at the workshop. Each animal is individually designed and sustainably produced by one of the team of African sculptors before being shipped to the UK to be expertly hand finished and lacquered.

Beautiful and unique designs

Each sculpture is handmade, welded together from hand cut panels of sheet metal and brought to life by the skill of the artists. Although each sculptor may have his own preferred animal to create, each one that is produced will be unique due to the processes and materials that are used. Each sculpture is one of a kind, but they work beautifully together in a range of sizes to create stunning groups.

Fabulous focal point

There are lots of different animals to choose from within the Pangea range, and each one creates a focal point whether it is large or small; placed indoors or outside. Crocodiles and giraffes are particularly popular; along with elephants, rhinos and hippos, and Pangea also offer a beautiful collection of detailed bird species such as cranes, owls, pelicans and vultures.

Interesting and highly detailed

The most remarked upon aspect of the Pangea Sculptures range is the level of detail and quality of finish on every piece. The different textures that are applied to the metal panels convey the strength and musculature of the animals, showing the details of their hide or coat and making them incredibly realistic. Smaller sculptures such as the birds have individual metal feathers arranged just as they would be in real life and such personality that you imagine they could spread their wings at any moment. No detail is overlooked from the lion’s mane and crocodile’s teeth to the giraffe’s long eyelashes giving each animal character and individuality.

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