deckwright compositeThe use of timber in exterior landscaping projects is now commonplace. Timber decking offers many advantages over other hard landscaping materials: it’s attractive, easy to install and cost effective. But what about the issue of it becoming slippery when wet?

British weather is demanding more grip for timber decking
All too often, developers and contractors overlook the potential risk of slipping on wet decking. And yet, as our weather becomes ever more unpredictable, this risk is very real and can be serious.

The result is the existence of an abundance of beautiful decking structures that can, quite frankly, become an ice rink in wet weather. If they had been built with anti-slip decking, this would not be the case.

DeckWright Inserts – the “hindsight” solution
As we might not all have the luxury of starting again, DeckWright Inserts exist to offer an anti-slip solution to decking that has already been laid. Whether for steps, walkways or much larger areas, DeckWright Inserts can be safely installed in the grooves of boards to provide a long-lasting grip, whilst not detracting from the natural characteristics of the timber.

So just how do they work? Developed from a complex formulation of resin and aggregate, set on to a flexible T shaped strip, the inserts, which can be easily cut to length with standard tools, are adhered into the necessary groove and sit very slightly proud of the timber. When walking over the boards, these clever inserts provide just enough grip to prevent a slip or fall, even in the pouring rain.

Tested and approved, the DeckWright brand offers a PTV score of 71, which is considered “highly anti-slip”. DeckWright has also been fully accredited by the Timber Decking and Cladding Association’s DeckMark Plus scheme, offering assurance on quality and longevity.

Where can I find DeckWright Inserts?
Whether you’re considering a domestic or a commercial project that involves timber decking. DeckWright Inserts can ensure that you have safety covered. Made in the UK by WJ Group, retail kits and bulk boxes are available to buy from stockists across the country.

You can also find DeckWright being exhibited at Grand Designs Live on stand G17 in the garden section. Free samples and a show promotion will be on offer, in addition to a friendly team ready to answer all of your questions about anti-slip decking.

For further information:
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